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Mathematical Society of Serbia, branch Valjevo

I - The objectives of the organization

  • Contributing to the progress and promotion of mathematics and computer science, their application and teaching (Mathematics and Computer Science as sciences of the future)
  • Encouraging scientific and professional work of its members, helping scientific and technical research in the field of mathematics, computer science and its application;
  • Encouraging members to actively participate in activities of common interest of the profession, professional, scientific development and improving the quality of teaching of mathematics and computer science at all levels of education
  • Dealing with discovering, nurturing and developing gifted young mathematicians and programmers
  • Questions about the status and protection of mathematics and mathematicians through appropriate initiatives and organizational forms.

II - Vision

Our vision is:

  • Popularization of mathematics
  • Development of mathematical culture
  • Fostering young talents
  • Improving the position of mathematicians and mathematics teachers
  • Cooperation with all those with who we have common interests and objectives
  • Entire cycle of math educations in Valjevo. Unbreakable cooperation and shared mission with Valjevo Grammar School

Quality work with young mathematical talents from the first grade of Primary school to the end of high school means  common additional math classes  for talented students  from all over the city and a specialized Maths classes of Mathematical Grammar School in Valjevo grammar school  which teaches students from  the 7th grade primary school to the 4th grade  in grammar school.

Our gifted students are carefully selected.

A specialized curriculum ensures that teaching in mathematics, and computer science is delivered on a highly advanced level.
Knowing that a gifted student needs a gifted teacher, we cherish excellence among our staff.

We have a two-way cooperation with eminent educational and scientific institutions, including the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mathematics, Mathematical Institute of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and other institutions and organizations.

What our students get:

  • small-size classes, usually 20 students per class
  • variety of teaching methods, spanning from the classical to the most modern techniques, including mentoring;
  • nurturing active knowledge, creativity, originality, integrity and criticism as greatly valued attributes; developing moral, scientific and civilizational awareness;

III - Activitie

1. Professional work / Methodical workshops, accredited professional training programs for maths teachers.

  • We organize periodic gatherings and meetings to show the scientific, professional and educational papers and papers on various problems of mathematics and computer science and their application;
  • We issue journals and other publications in the field of mathematics and computer science;

Each of our workshops includes a lecture on some mathematical topics and problems, then talks about improving teaching practices and organizational topics. Regular meetings are held once a month.

 2. School for mat. talents "INTEGRAL"

It is a school for mathematical talents from the 1st grade to 8th grade of primary school. The work is being implemented in 25 working weeks with advanced mathematical topics for the appropriate age.

  • Last year our the 32th generation of students was enrolled.
  • The objective: the identification, selection and nurturing of gifted young mathematicians
  • An important feature of the school is free participation for the best competitors and socially disadvantaged students.

From the start we have to teach children to use their head, and educate them to thing, work, be creative, knowing how to approach and solve problems, to think analytically and logically. That is what math is for.

 3. Summer and winter schools for young mathematicians

Summer and winter schools for young mathematicians is an organized way of working with students with the aim to increase the mathematical and computer knowledge and skills, as well as the popularization of mathematics and science in general.

Our organization and the Mathematical Society of Serbia jointly organizes these schools for students from all over the country.


  • Popularization of mathematics and science in general, among young people
  • Preparing young mathematicians for successful participation in the competitions
  • Recreational activities and socializing for students who have similar interests and love maths

The Teachers are selected experts from across the country, affirmed in their work with mathematical talents

After more than a decade of organizing summer camps for Serbian students we feel that we are ready for the next step, which would be organizing an international summer school for young mathematicians.

We could start with students from the Balkans, and later we could include students  from other European countries as well.

 4. Students’ contests, “Closing mathematical ceremony” and rewarding students

Popularization of mathematics is performed by encouraging students to participate in competitions.

In the town of Valjevo we usually have several hundred students entering the competiton. This year there were about eight hundred.

This year at the international mathematical competition "Kangaroo" 1,350 students participated.

As a very important segment of support most successful competitors emphasize the praise and reward they get.

"Final mathematical ceremony" is organized  every year in June.

In addition to diplomas and commendations, awards are usually books published by the Mathematical Society of Serbia and some tangible rewards, like mobile phones, tablets or free participation in the following summer camp.

For proper development of their competitive spirit, we recommend that our students participate in online competitions and other mathematical competitions, such as the problems of the month" and the like .

 5. Completed projects popularizing mathematics

Some examples of completed projects of popularization of mathematics that we have done, which were supported by the City of Valjevo are:

  • In 2013 we organized the project Mathematical PLAYGROUND
  • In 2014 we did the project Popularisation of mathematics IN RURAL Primary Schools

We are open to participation in various projects for teachers, students and organizations that promote maths, teaching and scientific work and contribute to cohesion between different organizations from all over  Europe.

That's why we are present at this meeting.

 6. Math themed evenings and popular lectures

Occasionally we organize mathematical themed evenings wen we organize debates and popular science lectures for the students and the public.

Every year in May we mark the event "May -the month of mathematics".

“May, the month of mathematics” is held in Belgrade and another 15 cities in Serbia. It is aimed at promoting this science and removing the prejudice about it.

The idea has originated as the result of a research that showed that as many as 53% of the citizens have never liked mathematics, and they first associate it with numbers, calculus or equations.

7. Cooperation with related organizations

We maintain cooperation with similar organizations both at home and abroad. The cooperation is based on the exchange of ideas, experiences and initiatives.

We have good cooperation with other branches of Mathematical Society in Serbia as well as other branches in the surrounding countries.

8. Presentation of the organization. Web site and cooperation with the media

As a very important feature of the presentation of the results of work in the modern age we emphasize the web site of the organization. On it you can find the most important news and plans. We also have a very good cooperation with the local media so all our activities are well covered in the media.